Express delivery to New Zealand with tracking and signature is just AU$15 for the first 2kg, and $5 for each extra kg

Estimated delivery time is 3-7 business days

Import duty and GST is the responsibility of the buyer. Please check this website for full details

As a general rule, orders (including delivery charge) under NZ$400 are GST and duty free

If your goods are valued at NZ$1,000 or more, you will need a client code



Product + Delivery = AU$370 (Approx NZ$420)                             Product + Delivery = AU$340 (Approx NZ$390) 


Goods subject to import duty and GST

Goods mailed into NZ may be subject to import duty. Import duties are calculated on the Customs value of the goods in New Zealand dollars.The goods may also be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 15%, based on the Customs value of the goods, and including the duty (if any) and postal/courier charges.Please be aware that if two or more packages arrive for you at the same time, Customs may combine them as one import for the calculation of duty.

Goods liable for duty and GST of NZ$60 or more cannot be released until the charges are paid.

Client code

A client code is a unique number that identifies individual importers and exporters. Client codes are only issued to NZ entities (such as registered New Zealand companies).

A client code is required as part of the import and export entry preparation for shipments valued at NZ$1,000 or more.
When duty and GST are not payable

Customs does not collect duty and GST where the total revenue payable on any one importation is less than $60.

Release of goods

When your goods arrive in NZ you will be contacted by the freighting company to arrange clearance. For postal items, you will receive either an assessment notice advising the amount payable, or a letter requesting that you arrange clearance or produce further information.