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30 in 1 Video Game Screwdriver Set

ProsKit SD-9313

This Video Game Screwdriver Set includes a ratchet screwdriver handle, 1/4” extender and 27pcs bits

The ratchet handle features forward, reverse and locking function for easy operation

It is a complete kit which allows you to open most of the branded video game systems and happy meal toys without any damage such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Sega handheld video games and more

SD-9313 screws

Model No. Description
9SD-9313-B1 20pcs for 4mm bits: PH000,PH00,PH0,PH1,SL2.0,SL3.0,
T4,T5H,T6H, T8H,T10H,T15H,
9SD-9313-B2 Nintendo X-BOX 3.8mm, 4.5mm Security Screwdriver Bits
9SD-9313-B3 7pcs for 1/4″x25mm bits: PH1,PH2,SL4.0,SL5.0,SL6.0,T10,T15
9SD-9313-EX Extension blade 4mm-1/4″×115mm 
9SD-9313-H Ratchet handle with rotary cap
9ST-9313 Plastic box










Xbox screwdriver set

SD9313 guide





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