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AC/DC Analogue Multimeter


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AC/DC Analogue Multimeter

MT-2017 multimeter

ProsKit MT-2017

AC/DC Analogue Multi Meter. Ideal for using in the fields of electronics, lab, school, home applications and more

CAT II 1000V / CAT III 500V
Complied with 2008 CE safety standard
Double-sided glass epoxy PCB
Mirrored Aluminium dial plate
20kΩ/V DC & 9,kΩ/V AC input sensitivity
Overload and misused protection
Adjustable back tilt device with hook-up design
Robust protective holster alongside
Resistance, Current & Voltage measurements
10 Amp DC Range, Transistor hFE Test
Continuity Buzzer and Battery Test
Zero-center meter (Null)
Test leads, batteries, fuse and user’s manual included

MT-2017 multi meter

Front Panel Controls Range selector switch with “OFF”position, 0Ω adjust knob
Power 1.5V AA x 2pcs and 9V(NEDA1604) x 1pcs
Movement and Indicator Protection 0.5A/250V & 10A/250V
Dimensions 160(L) x 105(W) x 40(H) mm
Weight 390g apporx.
DCV 0-0.1-2.5-10-50-250-1000V
Null DCV DC±-5V, ±25V
ACV 0-10-50-250-1000V
DCA 0-0.05-2.5-25-250 mA, 10A
Resistance 1 / 10 / 100 /1K / 10K?
Capacitance 0.025-0.25-25uF(C2), 2000uF(C1)
Battery Check 0 ~ 1.5V: GOOD – ? – BAD, 0 ~ 9V: GOOD – ? – BAD
Transistor Check hFE: 0-1000
Decibel -22 dB ~ + 62 dB (0dB=1mW at 600?)
Continuity Check Beeper sounding under 200 Ohm



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  1. Stephen Brain (verified owner)

    The MT-2017 meter has all the features I need in a small analog multimeter, especially 9 volt and 1.5 volt battery tests and a continuity buzzer. Well made, with quality leads, its accuracy has been reviewed elsewhere. One quirk must be noted: the susceptibility of the meter needle to electrostatic charges. e.g. Rubbing the face of the meter with a dry cloth will cause the needle to swing wildly, stay even at half scale, and not return to zero until the electrostatic charge has dissipated. Even a charged plastic rod near the needle, without even touching the face, will attract the needle. Is it not metallic? Provided you are aware of and avoid that quirk, not writing off the meter as faulty, it should do a good job.

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