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Telecom Termination Kit

ProsKit PK-4016

Wire stripper, punch down tool, modular crimper, multi-modular cable tester, 6-position 4 contact flat stranded, 8-position 8 contact round stranded connectors.

Pro’sKit PK-4016 telecom termination kit consists of wire stripper tool, punch down tool, modular crimping tool, multi-modular cable tester, 6-position 4 contact flat stranded and 8-position 8 contact round stranded connectors

6PK-501 Wire stripper tool
CP-3148 Impact and Punch Down Tool With 110/88 & 66 Blade 
8PK-376ER Modular crimping tool
9RJ-11-50 6-Position 4 contact flat stranded (50pcs/bag)
9RJ-45-25 8-Position 8 contact round stranded (25pcs/bag)
MT-7051N Multi-Modular Cable Tester 
9Z-4016 Zipper case


6PK-501 Wire Stripper

Wire stripper for stripping shielded (UTP) and unshielded (UTP) cables, and multi-conductor cables with max diameter of 3.2-9 mm

PK-4016 stripper


8PK-376ER Modular Crimping Tool

PK-4016 modular crimper


CP-3148 Punch down tool with 110/66 blades

PK-401 punch down tool


MT-7051N Cable tester

Tests RJ45 TIA568A/B (AT&T 258A), 10 Base-T, Token ring, RJ-11/ RJ-12 USOC and Coaxial BNC cable.
Automatically check cable for continuity, short, open and crossed wire pairs.
Coaxial cable port identifies cable conditions including shorts, shield opens and center conductor breaks.
Main unit and remote allow one person testing

PK-4016 modular cable tester






RJ11 (50) and RJ45 (25) Plugs



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