1000V Insulated Precision Screwdrivers


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VDE Precision Screwdriver Set

Designed for electronics and other high-voltage equipment

7 Piece Insulated precision screwdriver set provides shock protection to 1000V AC

Complies with VDE IEC/EC 60900 1000V safety standard and GS certificate


Dual-compound handle

Chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel blade

Ergonomic packaging

Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set

Made in Taiwan


screwdriver flat2.0 × 65mm (blade length)

screwdriver flat2.5 × 65mm

screwdriver flat3.0 × 65mm

screwdriver flat4.0 × 65mm

screwdriver phillipsPH00 × 65mm

screwdriver phillipsPH0 × 65mm

screwdriver phillipsPH1 × 65mm




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