Quality pliers and side cutters from Fujiya, OPT and ProsKit

All made in Taiwan or Japan

6050-200 Cable Cutting Pliers

Heavy Duty Cable Cutters

5-9mm Ø E-Ring Circlip Pliers

3-4mm Ø E-Ring Circlip Pliers

PZ-65 Screw Removal Pliers

PZ-59 Screw Removal Pliers

Heavy Duty Plastic Cutters

PZ-60 Screw Removal Pliers

100mm Plastic Model Nippers

Side Cutters made in Japan

Side Cutters


Heavy Duty Screw Removal Pliers

ESD Safe Flat Nose Pliers

ESD Safe Long Nose Pliers

ESD Safe Needle Nose Pliers


235mm Cable Cutters

Copper Cable Cutters

Pliers + Screwdriver Pouch

PM-06 Round Nose Pliers

150mm Bent Needle Nose Pliers

150mm Needle Nose Pliers

Mini Cutting Nippers

Micro Cutting Nippers

Fujiya Pliers

Electricians Pliers

Fujiya electricians pliers

Combination Pliers

Cable cutters

200mm Cable Cutter

150mm Side Cutters

Fujiya Nippers

Cutting Nippers

Precision Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers

Pliers + Screwdriver Pouch


12 Inch Water Pump Pliers

Telecom Splice Pliers

Telecom splice pliers for Scotchlok connectors

Telecom Splice Pliers

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