OPT Electricians Tools

OPT Electricians Tools. Quality tools Made in Taiwan

3.2mm Balustrade Wire Swager

240V Electric Hydraulic Pump

30 Ton Hydraulic Swage Press

100mm Hydraulic Cable Cutters

35 – 630mm² Cable Crimper Kit

95mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Hydraulic Cable Cutter With Pump

35-400mm Cable Crimping Kit

Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Air Operated Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic Hand Pump

Hydraulic Hand Pump

500mm² Ratchet Cable Cutter

6.3mm X 50m Cable Snake

205mm Adjustable Hole Saw

300mm² Ratchet Cable Cutter

Open Barrel Crimper with Locator

Open Barrel Crimper with Locator

10 – 16mm² Insulated Lug Crimper

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