Only the highest quality cable cutters from Taiwan and Japan

100mm Hydraulic Cable Cutters

Hydraulic Cable Cutter With Pump

95mm Hydraulic Cable Cutter

Hydraulic Cable Cutter

500mm² Ratchet Cable Cutter

300mm² Ratchet Cable Cutter

45 Degree SMD Chip Cutter

90 Degree SMD Chip Cutter

Heavy Duty Cable Cutters

Heavy Duty Plastic Cutters

Pro Model Plastic Nippers

Fujiya Cutting Nippers

Catch Nippers

100mm Plastic Model Nippers

Side Cutters made in Japan

Side Cutters

Heavy Duty Plastic Nippers

Cable Tie Cutters

ESD Safe Precision Nippers

ESD Safe Wire Nippers

212mm Cable Cutters


235mm Cable Cutters

Heavy Duty Plastic Nippers

Cable Tie Cutters – Factory Second

Copper Cable Cutters

155mm Side Cutters

Mini Cutting Nippers

Micro Cutting Nippers

Fujiya Pliers

Electricians Pliers

Fujiya electricians pliers

Combination Pliers

Cable cutters

200mm Cable Cutter

PH-55 Scissors

PH-55 Scissors

164mm Cable Cutters

150mm Side Cutters

Fujiya cutters

210mm Multi Purpose Snips

Fujiya Nippers

Cutting Nippers

Micro Nippers

Made in Japan
DK-2043 ProsKit

Fiber Optic Kevlar Scissors

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