6 Pce Non Slip JIS Screwdriver Set

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Non Slip JIS Screwdriver Set

Vessel 306PS

The finest Vessel screwdiver set features a magnetised tip, soft wood resin non-slip grip for maximum force when used with oily hands

6 piece screwdriver set. Supplied in cardborad box

Non-slip handle designed for oily hands

Chrome vanadium steel with black chrome finish

High precision magnetic tips

3 x JIS crosspoint screwdrivers  +1 x 75mm, +2 x 100mm & +3 x 150mm

3 x Slotted screwdrivers    5.5mm x 75mm, 6mm x 100mm & 8mm x 150mm

Made in Japan

Wood-Resin Composite

The grip part is formed by the mold injection of a “wood resin”, which contains a combination of 70% wood and 30% plastic, utilizing uniquely developed technologies. The product offers to the users such texture and comfort as the natural wood materials




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