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Screw Extractor Bit Set

Engineer DBZ-20

The ENGINEER DBZ-20 is a 4pc set of Screw Extractor bits specifically designed for the quick & easy removal of screws with Hex socket type heads. These bits can either be used manually – for use with suitable 6.35mm ‘T’ Grip/Handle such as the ENGINEER DBZ-50 (not supplied), or they can also be inserted into a 6.35mm Electric Screwdriver / Impact driver (or an Electric drill).

  • No need to strike with a hammer – just press the extractor bit firmly into the ruined hex screw head & twist it out
  • Target screws: Hex socket of cap bolt, countersunk or button head. Across flats: 2mm, 2.5~3.0mm, 4mm & 5mm
  • The sharp fine-pitch spiral tip grips all 6 sides of a hex socket firmly without slippage
  • Other screw head types such as Phillips, Torx, square socket can be extracted if an electric drill is used to drill a pilot hole in the screw head first (see the video)
  • Set Contents: DBZ-62, DBZ-63, DBZ-64, DBZ-65 bits | Bit size: 105mm × 6.3mm | Material: High carbon steel

Additionally, if you use an electric drill (to drill a pilot hole in the damaged screw head), it is also possible to remove other screw head types such as Phillips, Torx, square socket, etc. with these bits (please refer to the product video in the gallery). The supplied plastic packaging can be used as a storage/carrying case









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