Earth Resistance Tester

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Earth Resistance Meter

Pro’sKit 8PK-ST1520

Earth resistance is tested by a 2mA constant current 820Hz inverter

Capable of measuring earth voltage (AC)
2mA measuring current permits earth resistance to test without tripping earth leakage current breakers
With  the ergonomic shape earth bar for easy testing and user comfort
With cable winder / fixer to help cable organizing easily and quickly 
Battery operated
Auto power off function
Data hold function
Small and light weight

Made in Taiwan

Please note – This is not an insulation tester (Megger). It is only for testing earth resistance and voltages

Measurement ranges Earth resistance 0-20Ω/0-200Ω/0-2000Ω
Earth voltage 0-200V AC (40-500Hz)
Accuracy Earth Resistance ±(2% rdg+2dgt)
Earth Voltage ±(1% rdg+2dgt)
Earth resistance
Measurement system Earth resistance by constant current inverter 820Hz APPROX. 2mA.
Low battery indication “B” symbol appears on the display
Data hold indication “DH” symbol appears on the display
Over range indication “1” (MSD)
Open circuit indication LED will be unlit
Display LCD 3-1/2 digit (2000 counts)
Power source 1.5V(SUM-3) x 6. Type AA.
Dimensions (mm) 163(L) x 100(W) x 50(D)
Weight 480g approx.(battery included)
Accessories Test leads (red 15m yellow-10m green-5m), Auxiliary earth bars.
Heavy-duty case, Instruction manual


8PK-ST1520 b  Resistance tester

Earth resistance meter



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