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JIS Screwdriver Set +1 +2 +3

Vessel JIS Screwdrivers

Vessel Screwdrivers


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JIS Vessel Screwdriver Set

+1 +2 Megadora Screwdrivers

+2 +3 Impacta Screwdrivers

These Cross Point screwdrivers are designed to fit JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screws and Phillips screws

JIS screws are used in most Japanese brands

Cars, motorbike, cameras, fishing reels, push bike gears, printers and photocopiers, and lots of other products

Using a Phillips screwdriver on JIS screws can cause damage to the screw


Incorporates a cam rotation mechanism, which turns the driving tip counter-clockwise by 12° when the handle is hit with a hammer

Set Includes –

Megadora +1 x 75mm
Megadora +2 x 100mm
Impacta +2 x 150mm
Impacta +3 x 150mm

Made in Japan




JIS vs phillips screws

980 Vessel Impacta Screwdriver


Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 20 × 10 cm
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4 reviews for JIS Screwdriver Set +1 +2 +3

  1. Andrew

    Excellent screwdriver for work on Japanese equipment

  2. Bill Priott

    Great Screwdrivers. Wish I bought them 20 years ago

  3. Scott Few


  4. Matt

    Great screwdrivers

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