L1 JPT Flat Terminal Die


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JPT + MCP Flat Contact Crimper Die

L1 Quick Change Crimper Die

For sealed and unsealed Flat Junior Power Timer and Multiple Contact Point Terminals

These are common throughout the automotive industry. Found on Mass air flow sensor (MAF), pressure sensor (MAP), Ignition system, Coolant Temperature sensor (CTS), Oxygen sensor, Clutch pressure connector and EV1 injector etc.

AWG 20-14

0.5-1.0 (unsealed)/1.5-2.5 (unsealed)/0.5-1.0 (sealed)/1.5-2.5 mm² (sealed)

JPT Junior Power Timer
MCP Multiple Contact Point
For TE JPT tab contacts & MCP
For TE JPT tab contacts : 963745, 963746, 963748, 963749

Made in Taiwan






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