45 Degree SMD Chip Cutter


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45 Degree SMD Chip Cutter

Engineer NZ-05

The Engineer NZ-05 Flush Cut Chip Cutter is ideal for the removal of SMD components on dense printed circuit boards (PCB) while holding the nippers 45 degrees to the work piece. Slender nose and slant edge of 45 degrees makes it ideal for cutting leads of Dual In-line Package, Single In-line package IC, etc. on the circuit board.

  • Made in Japan
  • Material (body): High carbon steel
  • Cutting capacity: Copper wire (single) / φ0.6mm
  • 1.5mm hex key wrench provided as a standard accessory to adjust an opening angle and fasten the screw.
  • Size: 123mm
  • ESD-safe handles made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPR) for a comfort grip
  • Slender & compact jaw design – perfect for densely populated circuit boards





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