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EM7000 Analogue Multimeter


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Sanwa EM7000

FET Analogue Multitester

High-sensitivity FET electronic tester with high input resistance (2.5M – 12MΩ for DCV) and 0.12μA range (DC current)

Frequency response against 40Hz to 1MHz of sine wave (AC low voltage)

Measurement of P-P value (Peak to Peak value) of square wave pulse (duty cycle 20% or higher)

Wide range resistance measurement from 0.2Ω to 200MΩ

Made in Japan

* Case is sold separately


Function Measuring range Tolerance
DCV 0.3/1.2/3/12/30/120/300/1000V(2.5~12MΩ) ±3% of full scale
±DCV ±0.15/0.6/1.5/6/15/60/150/600V(2.5~12MΩ) ±7% of full scale
AC voltage rms(50/60Hz) 3V(approx.2.5MΩ)/12V(approx.1.1MΩ) 30V/120/300V(approx.800KΩ)/750V(approx.10MΩ) ±3% of full scale
Sine wave 8.4V(approx.2.5MΩ/V)/33V(approx.1.1MΩ) 84/330/840V(approx.800KΩ) ±5% of full scale
Square wave 8.4V(2.5MΩ) ±6% of full scale
Triangle wave 8.4V(2.5MΩ) ±6% of full scale
DCA 0.12μ/0.3m/3m/30m/300m/6A ±3% of full scale
DCA ±0.06μ/±0.15m/1.5m/15m/150mA ±7% of full scale
ACA 6A ±5% of full scale
Resistance 2k/20k/200k/2M/20M/200MΩ ±3% of arc
Low-frequency output -10~51dB ±3% of arc
Frequency characteristic AC12V range or lower 40Hz to 1 MHz: frequency response within ±5%
Battery R6P(AA battery)1.5Vx2, 6F22(9V manganese battery)x1
Built-in fuse F1176 Φ5×20mm 0.5A/250V 1.5kA Ceramic fuse
F1177 Φ5×20mm 6.3A/250V 1.5kA Ceramic fuse
Size/Mass H165×W106×D46mm/Approx. 375g

※The value in ( )at DCV and ACV is input resistance




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    High quality meter. Glad I bought it

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    Excellent meter. Fast delivery

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