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ZD-985 Desoldering Station

80W Temperature Controlled Desoldering Station
Tip temperature is digitally controlled from 160°C – 480°C. When the solder becomes molten simply press the trigger to suck the solder into the barrel in the gun
Single hand operation and strong absorbing power can easily remove residual solder from PCB
The heating element is made of PTC and the sensor on the desoldering tip can control the desoldering temperature quickly and accurately




240V AC








600mm Hg



Sleep Mode

The desoldering station will go into sleep status automatically if the desoldering gun is not operated in 15 minutes, during the sleep mode, the temperature of the tip will cool to 200°C. This action reduces power consumption, and extends tip life because as it will not oxidate during the sleep mode. The desoldering station will return to the previous temperature setting with the push of any key

Includes 0.8,1.0 and 1.3mm tips, spare filters and tip cleaners
Weight 2.7kg
3 months on desoldering gun
12 months on main unit


The desoldering gun now has a glass barrel instead of the older plastic barrel

Both barrels are interchangeable. The plastics desoldering gun barrel will be available as a spare soon

Replacement desoldering station gun ZD985


Additional information

Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm

6 reviews for Desoldering Station

  1. Kevin

    Works great. Saves a lot of time when removing components

  2. Dale

    Makes desoldering easy. Excellent value

  3. Lance Brown (verified owner)

    Works extremely well. Desoldering a 40 pin IC (plated through holes) & the IC falls out of the board is excellent. Appears to be a Hakko clone.
    The plastic desolder barrel with a different solder catcher is far superior to the glass unit.
    I have been using desoldering stations since the first Weller models and this would be the best I have ever used

  4. Peter Bain (verified owner)

    Very impressed, especially for the price!
    Compared it to a freshly rebuilt Hakko 470. It heats up quicker that the Hakko and has more suction. The digital display of temperature is also a big plus. Brilliant for a home user. Time will tell how it goes in a more heavy use environment (University).

    But it gets 4 stars because of the following 2 points:
    The glass tube (which is a really cool idea!!) is very difficult to remove to clean. This may loosen up with time, but I worry every time that I will break it!
    The holder for the handle is a very weak design and bends easily. It is also fixed to the right hand side of the main unit. I have all my soldering tools on my right, so the handle would be a lot easier to access if it was on the left.

    • rhinotools

      Hi Peter, we agree with your comments about the glass tube. Some customers actually prefer the glass barrel.

      They look fancier than the previous plastic barrel, but not as easy to remove and clean. For that reason we sell the older style plastic barrel as a spare part for about $5. They are 100% compatible with the newer glass barrels https://rhinotools.com.au/product/desoldering-gun-barrel/
      The gun holder is not fixed, it can be detached and moved to the left hand side if you prefer. Just push the holder back a little and it clips off

  5. Billiard (verified owner)

    I was a little disappointed with this thing at first because the pipe inside the gun would get clogged almost straight away, with almost every solder joint/pad that I de-soldered. After purchasing some spare guns and using a different replacement barrel (a plastic one not like the ones that come with the guns) it is working really well! A little disappointing that I got sent a unit with a dud gun in the beginning, but cannot complain too much as replacement guns are cheap (and work)! Time will tell how durable the unit is, I have a feeling it might break down within a few years considering it’s made cheaply but probably nothing that can’t be fixed/maintained. This thing is excellent for the money and perfect for someone like me who is starting out in professional electronics repair. There is no way I could afford something like a Hakko right now, but this thing should serve very well until I can!

  6. Steve W (verified owner)

    I bought this for some prototyping/ repair work at home a couple of years ago. I am very satisfied with the performance and would recommend this unit for infrequent use in the workshop. There is an issue though; the LCD display is not very good and while perfectly readable from in front as the viewing angle increases the display intensity goes down pretty quickly, but this is not a problem for me because of the setup on my soldering bench.

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