PA-07 Wire Stripper


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24-12 AWG Wire Stripper

Engineer PA-07

The ENGINEER PA-07 are professional grade wire strippers with razor sharp stripping jaws designed to remove insulation from thin gauge diameter wires swiftly, neatly and without deformation.

  • Strips both stranded copper wire AWG24-AWG12 (SWG25-SWG13) & solid copper wire AWG22-AWG10 (SWG23-SWG12)
  • Exceptionally sharp & precise carbon steel jaws
  • Clean edge to the insulation strip, with no damage to the copper conductor wires (unlike most automatic wire strippers)
  • Spring loaded for easy operation (handles latch shut for storage)
  • Oil-resistant TPR (thermoplastic rubber) grips for unmatched comfort – strap holes at end of handles
  • Original joint-screw ‘by ENGINEER’ allows easy & quick maintenance
  • Constructed from S55C Carbon Steel
  • Made in Japan (ROHS compliant)



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